Cooking with My Roommate

I do try to cook, but I get awfully lazy. Going to the grocery store is a hassle, especially in the winter without access to a car.
However, I do bring back lots of ingredients whenever I go back home to Toronto.

My roommate and I attempt to cook together once every week, however with him having 3 night classes a week, and both of us having multiple other obligations, this is not usually achieved. However, we did succeed in the first month at Waterloo. I usually cook simple Chinese dishes by myself, but together we can experiment more with recipes.

Week 1: 

[no picture]

Stuffed chicken and chicken roll

This was an experiment of sorts. Basically mixed together spring mix salad, diced tomatoes, shredded processed cheese. Added spices. Stuffed the mix into one chicken breast and made a chicken breast roll out of the other. It didn’t look great but it tasted pretty good.

Week 2:


Fried chicken and french toast (as opposed to fried chicken and waffles) – complete with ugly Snapseed filter.
This was a fail of sorts since we didn’t have tongs or any proper utensils to take the chicken out from deep frying it, thus the breading kept on falling off. Marinated with random spices. French toast was made with eggs and sugar (since we had no milk or cinnamon I suppose it was more like egg-toast). Drenched it in pancake syrup. It was okay.

Week 3:


Fried rice
Simple. Frozen vegetables, cut up chicken, soy sauce, sesame oil. Done. Bad picture though.

Week 4:


Ebi fry
Recipe/instructions straight off of “Cooking with Dog”. Prepared the prawns, peeled off skin, sliced, double breaded with egg, panko crumbs, and flour.


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