Windsor Arms Hotel Tea Room

(Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s been a hectic month and I haven’t really eaten anywhere worth blogging about.)

I went to Windsor Arms for afternoon tea a few weeks ago with a friend since I had a Groupon voucher. This has been my first time going to afternoon tea (!) and Windsor Arms is one of the more famous ones in Toronto. It starts at $35.00/pp on weekdays, with weekend/holiday and “twilight tea” pricing to go as high as $50.00/pp.

We both started off with the Tibetan Tiger, which is a black tea infused with vanilla and chocolate. I like black teas, but found the vanilla and chocolate to be too subtle for me. Unfortunately I’m not a tea connoisseur!


Soon after, our tray consisting of scones, finger sandwiches and petit fours arrived.

IMG_20130220_134107   IMG_20130220_134117

The server placed the goat cheese and caramelized shallot tart on our plates first and they were consumed quickly (no picture).

I tried the scones with preserves and Devon Cream first. There were plain scones and ones with black currant. I loved the scones and all the preserves/creams that came with them! The scones were perfectly moist and super soft, and had a hint of citrus. I especially liked the strawberry preserve.


The sandwiches included smoked salmon and wasabi sour cream with salmon caviar, cucumber with sun- dried tomato paste and dill cream cheese, and grilled chicken with granny smith apples citrus mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and chives. I didn’t find any of the sandwiches to be particularly outstanding, but I quite liked the smoked salmon sandwiches, and I found the cucumber sandwich to be quite refreshing.


The petit fours consisted of a marshmallow tart, mini red velvet cupcake, white chocolate with golden flakes, and a chocolate cup topped with mini chocolate bubbles. I only tried the white chocolate and chocolate cup, and found the white chocolate to be much too sweet. However, I quite liked the chocolate cup, especially with the texture of the chocolate bubbles.


Next, we had raspberry sorbet with soda water (no picture). I typically find sorbet much too sweet for my liking, but the soda water really helped lighten the sweetness and contribute to a more refreshing taste. If I ever have more sorbet in the future, I will definitely try adding soda water!

We ended off with a glass of sherry ($8/glass). I had a sweeter version, which I found to be much too syrup-y and sweet. My friend’s “normal” glass tasted much better, although still not pleasing to my palate.


Windsor Arms didn’t wow me with their tea or their food, but it’s quite a nice treat to have when catching up with your girlfriends. Although it didn’t seem like a lot of food at first, I left feeling stuffed. The scones especially were quite filling!



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